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Biz Ops Rwanda wasn’t born out of a need to fill a gap, but rather a desire to bridge a divide. We see the incredible talent and potential across Africa, and our hearts ache when we see a lack of opportunity holding it back. That’s why we exist – to empower individuals, businesses, and communities by providing the tools and support they need to flourish

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Working with Biz Ops Rwanda was a delight! Our previous website had so many issues, but they fixed everything. Now, it's smooth and professional, making it easier for clients to trust us. Their team was so patient and helpful, not just after money. I'd recommend them 100%! Their dedication to empowering us and improving our online presence truly sets them apart. Thank you for transforming our business!

UWIMANA JUDITH Founder & CEO Judith Safaris

I have been working with Stratinuity for over a year and we started out sourcing for smaller projects such as email support, and then we graduated into doing more such as branding and marketing... They have done a fantastic job with building our brand and putting out great content every month, helping us figure out ways to touch our existing customers. They send newsletters out on behalf of Genesis 360 every month. So, I can't say enough about Stratinuity and the great service they provide, they are always there when we need them. We just continue to look forward to them growing and us growing as well.

Craig Stevens Founder & CEO Genesis 360 LLC

I'm not tech-savvy, Biz Ops has been a game-changer! They handle everything digital for me, They built for me a user-friendly website that's worlds better than my previous one. Now, donors can easily navigate and connect with my work in Rwanda. They truly are a down-to-earth, personable team who make me feel comfortable knowing everything is taken care of. Biz Ops is more than just a partner; having them feels comforting, allowing me to focus on what I do best.

David Clark III Founder & CEO ATOMO