About Biz Ops Rwanda

Biz Ops Rwanda Ltd. is a division of Stratinuity LLC and is located in Kicukiro, Kigali, Rwanda. 

It is the first of many African locations that train and upskill disadvantaged populations of developing countries to become business and technical experts who provide professional services to small and disadvantaged businesses at home and abroad. The purpose of Biz Ops is to fill gaps that exist in opportunities for entrepreneurs and businesses across the global African diaspora with African-based labor as a way of contributing to the economic growth and skills development of African populations.

What We Do?
  1. We make it easier for businesses to digitize, automate, and compete across boarders and cultural lines.
  2. We create opportunities for nearly anyone with a high school education to gain vaulable skills and start careers in business and technology.  
Our Mission

Our Mission is to Develop People , Businesses , and Technologies for a Stronger Economy.Biz Ops helps businesses expand into digital spaces through technology, support, and strategic guidance.

Our Vision

Biz Ops will become the go-to DEVELOPER for businesses, entrepreneurs, and economies worldwide.

Our Core Values
  • Commitment to People & Purpose
  • Integrity
  • Service Before Self

Every employee and representative of Biz Ops Rwanda is accountable to uphold these values while acting in the capacity and authority of their role in the company.

Other values company representatives are held to include:

  • Respect for others and their time and money
  •  Timeliness
  •  Dependability
  • Personal Accountability
  • Personal Responsibility
  • Equality
  • Earn your pay
  • Put forth every effort all of the time
  • Transparency
  • Commitment to learning & personal and professional development

Available Positions