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By leveraging the LevelUp platform, Taste of Kigali transformed its business operations, resulting in increased efficiency, revenue growth, and an enhanced customer experience. The digital transformation positioned them as a technologically forward and customer-centric establishment in Kigali’s competitive culinary scene. 

Taste of Kigali, a popular restaurant in Rwanda’s capital, is known for its authentic Rwandan cuisine and vibrant atmosphere. However, they faced challenges in managing reservations, customer data, and online orders, limiting their growth potential. 

The restaurant’s manual processes for taking orders and managing reservations were inefficient and error-prone. Additionally, they lacked an online presence, which hindered their ability to attract tourists and expatriates. They needed a solution to streamline their operations and expand their market reach. 


Taste of Kigali adopted the LevelUp platform to digitalize their operations. Key implementations included: 


  1. Website with Online Ordering System: Developed a user-friendly website that allowed customers to view the menu, place orders, and make reservations online.


  1. Digital Payment Solutions: Integrated local and global payment options on the website, enabling easy and secure transactions.


  1. Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Tool: Implemented a CRM system for managing customer data, preferences, and order history, which enhanced customer service and enabled personalized marketing strategies.


  1. Email Marketing and Automation: Utilized LevelUp’s email marketing tools to send out promotional emails, special offers, and event information, increasing customer engagement.
  1. Increased Revenue: Online ordering and payment options opened up new revenue streams. The restaurant saw a 30% increase in sales within the first six months.


  1. Improved Efficiency: The automated reservation and ordering system reduced manual errors and staff workload, leading to faster service and higher customer satisfaction.


  1. Enhanced Customer Experience: The CRM system provided insights into customer preferences, enabling Taste of Kigali to offer personalized experiences and foster customer loyalty.


  1. Wider Market Reach: The website and email marketing campaigns attracted more tourists and expatriates, expanding their customer base.


  1. Data-Driven Decision Making: Access to customer data and analytics helped the restaurant make informed decisions about menu changes, marketing strategies, and operational improvements.

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This fictional case study illustrates how a restaurant can effectively use digital tools like LevelUp to overcome operational challenges and achieve business growth.
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