How To Setup Google Analytics?

1. Create the G4 Analytics account here.

2. Give it the company or website name and press Next.

3. Give it a Propert Name like “companyname-BeeHive” and choose the local timezone and currency if the correct currency is available (RWF is unavailable) and click Next.

4. Choose the industry and company size and click Next.

5. Select the appropriate business objectives and click Create.

6. Accept the Terms of Service and click Next.

7. Choose platform “Web”.

8. Enter the primary/custom domain for the Website URL and the “Website name – Primary Domain” and click Create Stream.

9. Popups will appear telling you to install. This step is done for us by BeeHive. Ignore it and close out the screens.

10. Back on the “Start collecting data” screen, click Next.

11. Click “Continue to Home”

12. Click the gear icon at the bottom right in the side menu.

13. Under the Property Menu to the right, click Data Streams.

14. Click the blue Add stream button on the top-right and choose web from the drop-down menu that will appear.

15. Enter the site’s subdomain URL, e.g., and “Website name – Subdomain”

16. Click Create Stream. Close out the Installation Instructions popup that appears. This is done for us by BeeHive.

17. Return to the site in LevelUp and add the Google Analytics Account here. Note: this link will only work if logged in as a LevelUp admin.

18. Go here and verify that the account is linked. The Analytics 4 Profile field should say the site’s subdomain URL.

19. Test the analytics data transfer by opening the website’s home page and viewing the Real-Time Visitors section of the Google Analytics report. It should show 1 visitor – you. If not, refresh the page and look again.

Congratulations, You’ve connected a Google Analytics account to track and display site analytics data in the client’s LevelUp dashboard.